When we were brainstorming names for the firm, we asked friends, partners and mentors to write some things that a business name should embody. Trust, reliability, dependability, honesty, humility and nurturing were some of the things that showed up on almost all the lists and in all conversations. Those expressions and some work life impressions brought the name ‘Bough’ to life. Yes, we want to be that main branch to our clients – internal & external. A branch to lean on and trust.

Bough is a bunch of people who are changing the way they look at work. Rather than being classical entrepreneurs, we take pride in being propreneurs. We work for profit. We work to create meaning in our work and through our work. Above all, we create a life beyond work.

At Bough We Believe

Better is not by chance

Relationships are not entitlements

Values are not convenience

Trust is not a coincidence

Profitability is not a reckless pursuit