The Name

By definition, the word ‘bough’, a little less heard of, means a branch of a tree, especially a main branch…

While brainstorming names for the firm, we asked friends, partners and mentors to share their perspective on what a business should embody. Trust, reliability, dependability, honesty, humility, and nurturing were some ‘expressions’ that showed up in almost all conversations. And all those expressions brought the name ‘Bough’ to life. It had an immediate connect! Yes, we want to be that main branch to our business partners and employees.

  • Someone they can lean on and trust
  • A nourishing & enriching partner that co-creates
  • An association that far outlives the dotted lines of any contractual arrangement


Bough was born out of an eagerness to run a business with a sense of ethos, pathos & logos.
We came about to create a space that calls people of varied passions to fearlessly work towards creating value for themselves and their customers. We aspire to be a team that shares a common culture of high standards, relentless improvement and scientific inquiry… a team that’s clear on why we exist, and that’s committed to doing what it takes to realize our purpose. And we fundamentally believe that:

  • Better is not by Chance
  • Relationships are not entitlements
  • Values are not convenience
  • Trust is not a coincidence
  • Profitability is not a reckless pursuit